Larchfield’s Code of Policies requires our employees and other representatives of our organization to conduct themselves with integrity and good judgment, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and in the best interests of the Larchfield and the children, families and communities we serve. The Code also contains specific requirements addressing financial transactions, conflicts of interest, beneficiary safety, gifts and gratuities, and confidentiality.


Employees and representatives will at all times comply with all prevailing and applicable laws, regulations and standards, in keeping with the highest legal and ethical principles. As a representative of Larchfield, you must be familiar and comply with:

  • The laws and regulations
  • Larchfield’s own policies and procedures; and
  • Professional standards common to other charitable and non-governmental organizations. If you have any questions about the laws, regulations and standards that apply to your work for Larchfield, please speak to Charity Commission.


All financial transactions, records and reports will comply with donor requirements and applicable financial and accounting standards.

Larchfield has put in place a range of procedures and controls to ensure that all financial transactions comply with agency and legal requirements and applicable financial and accounting standards.

The following are some examples:

  • Record all financial transactions accurately and properly. No undisclosed or unrecorded funds or assets may be established or maintained for any purpose.
  • Use only headquarters-approved bank accounts for payments and cash transactions.
  • Do not take loans on behalf of Larchfield from local lending institutions or individuals without the prior written approval of the Board of Larchfield.
  • Ensure that financial data submitted to donors, including governments, is accurate, complete, current and meets the requirements of the grant or contract.
  • Do not make personal loans or personal advances to staff or consultants under any circumstances without the prior written approval of the Board of Larchfield.

If you have any questions about financial transactions, records and reports, speak to Larchfield Team


All gifts and gratuities, whether to be given or received, will comply with applicable laws, rules, regulations, agency policies, and local standards and customs and will not result in obligating either party.

In some cases, it may be OK to give or accept small gifts, donations, payments or favors, but be sure you understand all requirements and customs that may apply and have thought the matter through carefully.

If you have any questions about a gift, payment or other transaction, speak to Larchfield Team


All conflicts of interest involving employees (or the families of employees) must be disclosed in writing to the employee’s supervisor and next level supervisor, and the employee must not take part in decisions related to the transaction.

Simply put, a conflict of interest occurs when your obligations to Larchfield can be influenced or compromised by competing personal or financial interests, commitments or loyalties. Larchfield seeks to avoid both the appearance of and any actual conflict of interest.


Employees and other representatives of Larchfield have a duty to treat the children, families and communities we serve with dignity and respect and to ensure their safety and protection.

Employees must treat all beneficiaries with dignity and respect and be sensitive to actions that could be misunderstood or appear disrespectful or intrusive (for example, be sure to ask permission before taking a photo of an individual). If you have any questions about beneficiary safety, speak to Charity Commission


Employees and other representatives of Larchfield will maintain and protect confidential and proprietary information from unauthorized disclosure to and use by any third party. Larchfield possesses information (whether in written or electronic form, or communicated orally) that has been created, discovered and developed by Larchfield, or has been disclosed to Larchfield and/or to individuals working in Larchfield under the obligation of confidentiality.

Confidential information includes:

  • Trade secrets
  • Donor lists
  • Information concerning beneficiaries and programming
  • Financial accounts and reports
  • Projections
  • Marketing or programmatic plans or strategies
  • Software and computer programs
  • Information concerning employees and their families (including salary, personnel and medical information)
  • Confidential correspondence
  • Information about other organizations associated with Larchfield

Larchfield’s employees and other individuals having access to Confidential and Proprietary Information are required, during and after employment, to keep all such Confidential and Proprietary Information in strictest confidence. Unauthorized disclosure or carelessness in the handling of Confidential and Proprietary Information may be grounds for discipline up to and including dismissal from employment and may also be grounds for legal action. Confidential and Proprietary Information is specific information. This policy is not intended to prevent you from utilizing your general knowledge, intellect, experience and skills for gainful employment elsewhere if you are no longer working for Larchfield. If you have any questions about the handling and protection of confidential and proprietary information, speak to Larchfield Team.


Employees and other representatives of Larchdield will report promptly any possible violations of this policy to any of Larchfield’s central reporting channels. Larchfield will not tolerate any retaliation against or harassment of an employee who has reported a concern in good faith.

When misconduct occurs, it affects Larchfield’s ability to achieve its mission for children. As an employee of our organization, you are required to report any concerns you have about possible violations of our policies. When you communicate a concern, you help to prevent misconduct and contribute to an ethical culture at Larchfield. Larchfield practices a zero-tolerance approach in connection with any form of retaliation against or harassment of an employee who has reported a concern in good faith. Retaliation and harassment will result in discipline against the harasser, up to and including discharge from employment