We have been very fortunate so far in raising the funds required to bring us to the present level of construction. However, the amount that we have raised is short of our target and more funding is needed to sustain the operational phase with staff and kids in residence (including employment of properly trained carers, security, creation of a sustainable source of good food and clean water, purchase of beds and other furniture, provision of kitchen equipment etc.) and to complete a properly designed and constructed perimeter wall and auditorium, covered walkway, dedicated kitchen and a dining hall, drainage and landscaping, before embarking on phase 2 (accommodation for another 60 orphans) which should cost around USD 265,000. When all phases are complete, we should be able to accommodate 300 orphans on a plot of land measuring 22 acres. All project payments are verified and carried out by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Visuals of the project are enclosed herein.

Recruitment and Training

Great care has been taken in recruitment and constant training is provided to both staff and board members. The board in Tanzania is engaged in sourcing and training the initial work force, consisting of a centre manager, a cook, carers and a driver.

Operation and Start Up

Having secured government approval to operate and having furnished Larchfield with the basic necessities – food, kitchen equipment, cooker, cooking utensils, Larchfield is open for business!!


Plans 1 Plans 2 Plans 3


 Reality 3  

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